Looking for Business Ideas? Then here is 9 unique business ideas that work


Business Ideas

Business ideas simple word but everyone has their own meaning for this word. For living many people do jobs and many people wanted to start their own business. Today many people wanted to start home based business. They have their own reason but main reason is working from home is very comfortable and required less money to start. I cover some ideas that help you to start a home based business.




  1. Profession: Accountant

Requirements: Experience, Training or licensing may also needed

This is best idea to work from home. First you can contact some small business owners and create balance sheets, monthly reports and many more documents for them. It is also very profitable.


Buy a food franchise business that is for sale


  1. Profession: Food Franchise

You can also buy a food franchise. If you like food and looking for food business ideas then buying a franchise is the best idea. A franchise comes with brand name. People also trust that brand. Find Food Business For sale here.

Two Wheeler Repair
  1. Profession: Two-wheeler repair shop

Requirements; Basic knowledge of repairing, small funds and a shop

This is also very unique idea that required a small amount of money and it’s easy to start, but it required some knowledge of repairing.




  1. Profession: Boat cleaning

Requirements: Experience, Training or licensing may also needed

You can start a boat cleaning service that offers repairing and cleaning decks, sleeping quarters and many more. In the winter season many boats are halted and boat owners needs someone that can take care of their boats. So this business is very profitable.

Business Plan Service
  1. Profession: Business Plan Service

Requirements: Required active behavior, Market Knowledge, Business contacts

You can start a business that help people to create there business strategies and business plans. You can do market research which includes competitor analysis market trend and also customer behavior. This data help you to create business plan for them. 

  1. Profession: Cleaning Services

You can divert this business in various ways. If you work in those hours when no one does then you can make great profit for example when offices are close then you can do cleaning for them. Restaurants are also great source of work. I requires day to day cleaning. You can make contacts with some offices and also restaurants.  This is also very profitable.

Computer Repair
  1. Profession: Computer Repair

Requirements: Experience, Training or licensing may also needed

Today is the best way to start a business. Computers are everywhere. Everyone has computer in their home but they always need someone that can repair computer for them. But it required computer knowledge and also experience. If you have license then people trust you more. It’s all about building contacts. The more people know you, the more your business will grow.

Electronic Repair
  1. Profession: Electronic Repair

Again this is also a great idea. Everyone is using electronic products and it is obvious that many products damage daily. Again this business also need knowledge and some experience. People will bring their damage products at your doorsteps so you can repair them. After you build your positive relations with your customer then you can also encourage them to sell their old products to you so you can take useful parts from their products.

Interior Decorator
  1. Profession: Interior Decorator

Requirements: Experience, Training or licensing may also needed

Interior decoration is very interesting and creative job. First you need contact builders, contractors and architects that can refer your name to their customers. You can also do marketing for your business.

  • Profession: Personal Trainer

Requirements: Experience, Training or licensing may also needed

Many people avoid gym and they need personal trainer for them.  You can also start training sessions from your home. If you are looking for home business ideas then visit this Wikipedia page.


Talking about me I was 22 years old when I started my first business. Yeah I failed many times and also succeed but one thing sure that I never gave up. Every business requires time, consistency, full dedication and a positive behavior. If you have these things then success is just a matter of time. I hope you like this article. Please comment share and subscribe on Facebook Twitter and Google+


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